(Bacterial α-Amylase)

Galdozyme-Star is a formulated product of α-amylase that can efficiently release maximum energy from starch based poultry feeds.


  • Thermostable alpha amylase that can withstand feed pelletization temperature
  • Complements endogenous amylase activity by producing more energy to fuel growth of birds
  • Reduces intestinal viscosity and accelerates nutrient uptake which improves feed efficiency and reduces feed cost.
  • Improves immunity thereby maintaining optimum intestinal health and overall animal development
  • Reduces maintance cost by improving pancreatic functions

Mode of Action


  • Improves FCR and body weight gain
  • Improves starch digestion and provides energy for poultry growth
  • Mitigates variability in feed quality
  • Flexibility in feed formulation
  • Reduces antibiotic usage