Galvigo-Bac NSF

Galvigo-Bac NSF

(Probiotics for mash feed)

Galvigo-Bac NSF is an innovative formulation developed by unique
Spore Mimic technology. It constitutes a consortium of Bacillus sp.
Pediococcus sp., Enterococcus sp.
and Lactobacillus spp.
This special product is meticulously crafted to enhance digestion,
nutrient absorption and overall well-being of the poultry birds


  • Unique blend of multi-strain formulation with multiple benefits.
  • Designed with Spore Mimic technology to improve stress tolerance and better bioavailability.
  • Controlled release of strains at targeted sites.

Mode of Action


  • Promote optimal gut health in livestock and poultry
  • Better nutrient utilization and feed conversion rates
  • Robust immune system,reducing the risk of infections and promoting overall health
  • Facilitates adaptation to dietary changes, environmental fluctuations and transportation
  • Uniform growth, increased weight gain and enhanced production efficiency
  • Reduced feed/egg ratio,excelled egg production and shell thickness
Chic ProGel 2



500g/ton of feed or as suggested by Veterinarian/Nutritionist