Galvigo-Bac Plus

Galvigo-Bac Plus

(Extra boost probiotics for pellet feed)

A multibacterial probiotic formulation designed with Spore Mimic technology to withstand the thermal stress during feed pelletization at the same with improved bioavailability. The thermal shielding with multiprobiotic attributes makes this product unique for improved poultry performance in lower dose. This booster product enhances the well-being of flocks by significantly improving their feed conversion rate, overall performance and productivity.


  • Multibacterial formulation with multiple benefits.
  • Spore Mimic technology offers thermostability and controlled release
  • Better bioefficacy in low dose.

Mode of Action


  • Gut health improvement and superior thermostability
  • Enhanced Growth indices
  • Feed economics
  • Improves immunity and stress tolerance
  • Litter quality


250g/ton of feed for broilers, layers and breeders or as suggested by Veterinarian/Nutritionist