(Bacterial phytase)

Galvigo-Phyt is a phosphohydrolase enzyme that catalyze the digestability of phytate in feed and convert to available nutrients for the poultry.


  • Galvigo-Phyt hydrolyze the dietary phytate and reduce environmental footprints and allows sustainable animan farming
  • Facilitates nutritional management by improving phosphate, calcium and amino acid utilization in poultry feed
  • Maintains intestinal acid-base homeostasis and attributes greater resistance to protease in the gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Improves animal growth and performance through enhanced nutritional bioavailability

Mode of Action


  • Improved phosphorous and calcium availability
  • Enhance nutritional value of feed and energy utilization
  • Improves FCR
  • Minimize the excretion of phytate phosphorus