(Thermostable Bacterial Phytase)

The newest generation of thermostable phytase is a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize the nutritional value of poultry diet. It unlocks maximum phosphorous and trapped nutrients from plant based raw materials to maximize nutrient availability and utilization.


  • Efficient hydrolysis of the dietary phytate.
  • Offers flexibility in feed formulation.
  • Enhance nutritional value of feeds
  • Increases bioavailability of minerals
  • Efficacy at lower pH and at pelletization condition
  • Reduce environmental footprint

Mode of Action


  • Reduces feed cost by limiting dietary inclusion of inorganic phosphate
  • Paves way for flexible feed formulation
  • Increase the absorption of minerals and ensure bone strength and egg quality
  • Minimize the excretion of phytate phosphorus
  • High feed conversion rate and performance of the animals
  • Reduce anti-nutritional effect of dietary phytate


100g/ton of feed or as suggested by Veterinarian /Nutritionist